Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective method of hair removal. You will need 6-10 sessions to achieve up to 95% hair reduction. The laser is also extremely effective at treating ingrowns. After 2-4 sessions you will notice a significant if not complete removal of ingrown hairs. Compared to the lifetime of shaving or waxing, laser hair removal is an investment . The skin test will ensure if you are suitable for laser hair removal (95%people are ) as well as give you an idea how the treatment will feel like. Following the consultation, if you choose to go ahead , you can start theatment from as early as 48h later. The skin might be mild red immediately after the procedure and hair follicles can be swollen but it’s normal and subsides within a few hours( can take up to 48 h for some clients).A very few people experience itching a few days later as the hair is pushed out. After the first session the hair growth slows considerably and usually it takes 2-3 weeks at which point the dead hair will fall out. Second session( depending on skin and hair type) makes the treated area begin to look patchy as certain follicles will stop producing new hair. After 4-6 sessions the hair should be significantly reduced. Please mind the results may vary from person to person!!! Grey,white and red hair can’t be treated!!!


Prior to arriving for Your treatment session, you will need to:


And here’s WHAT TO DO after your treatment and between sessions:

Here is WHAT TO AVOID after treatments and between sessions:

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